Connect your stores
Link ShippingSeller with all your shops on the main platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, Rakuten Priceminister, Prestashop, Woocommerce to automatically download your orders.
Retrieve your orders
Retrieve your last orders with your customers' contact details from Ebay, Etsy, from your own website or from an Excel file. Supervise your orders by sorting them according to their status (to be processed, printed, shipped, etc.), by date, by shop or by customer.
Correct or change the addresses if necessary
ShippingSeller automatically checks and corrects errors in addresses and contact details (if a postal code is wrong, for example). If the customer asks you to send the package to another address or to change their contact details, you can do so manually. You can also add a note for the deliverer.
Print your labels and send the parcels
Configure your customizable address labels in all formats (A4, A5, B8, Envelopes, all Avery formats, etc.). You have an account with a carrier? ShippingSeller can be linked to your account (Colissimo, Mondial Relay, DHL, Delivengo and more than 100 other carriers worldwide) to generate your labels and retrieve your tracking numbers. All is left is to print your labels for parcels or tracked letters, stick and send them!
Save you customer base
Your client remains your client. We host your data in the European Union and respect it in accordance with the GDPR. You can choose for how long you want to store them: from 24 hours to indefinitely.
Archive, or export to Excel or CSV formats whenever you want
Select the data you want to retrieve (Orders, shipments, customers, etc.), filter them by date or by status if you wish, choose an export file name and you're done!

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